Welcome to Sleegers Farm Equipment!

For over 49 years, Sleegers Farm Equipment, has been a very trustworthy and experienced partner for your livestock equipment for the  poultry, pig and cattle market.

Whether you face a small malfunction or need a complete new furnishing of your stable(s), when Sleegers Farm Equipment does it, we do it good!

Sleegers Farm Equipment is your partner for every technical or mechanical job in and around you stable(s).

For over 49 years, Sleegers Farm Equipment, has been a concept in the agrarian world with their excellent service grade, skilled mechanics and high standard quality in stable furbishing. We will solve every problem that comes on our way. Take on every challenge you give us. That is the advantage of 49 years of experience!

Ever since the foundation in 1966, Sleegers Farm Equipment grew, through as well good as bad years, to the perfectly healthy company where the customer is always in front. We will realise your wishes for your stable(s) with the highest standards in service and quality possible. From feedingsystems to drinkingsystems and from climate control to complete (poultry) housing  and silo.

Together with you we will build a long and valuable cooperation, like Sleegers Farm Equipment has done with many customers, from generation to generation.